High Quality Flame Scanners for Industrial Gas Turbines

We develop and manufacture premium quality flame scanning devices.

ITS has been developing and producing Flame Scanners for gas turbines for more than 23 years. Today we have a quality standard, which remains unbeaten worldwide. Short delivery time along with lower inventory costs have established the Flame Scanners from ITS to be a long term, cost saving and reliable alternative for the OEM Parts.

Positioning of ITS Flame Scanner in a Gas Turbine

Flame Scanners for Gas Turbines by ITS - Industrial Turbine Services GmbH

Take a look at the full range of gas flame detector sensors to find your perfect match.

ITS 184X0254M029

Replaces Reuter-St.
Part No.:

RS-FS-9001  ⇨

Replaces Ametek
Part No.:

Spectra GT30  ⇨

Replaces Powmat
Part No.:

CFB 2501-104  ⇨

Replaces Nuovo Pignone
Part No.:

PRO 00148  ⇨

ITS 184X0254M123

Replaces Reuter-St.
Part No.:

RS-FS-9004  ⇨

Pre Configured Sets and Accessory Parts

At ITS we even take it a step further by providing the convenience of supplying you with everything you need for the smooth integration and and longevity of your Flame Scanner - from the Flame Scanner all the way down to the Water Cooling Coil and Stainless Steel Metal Hose to protect the Flame Scanner Cable - Different variations of sets are available dependent on the customer’s needs.

Flame Scanner Extension Sets

Our years of experience shows that repeatedly the same avoidable malfunctions will occur on gas turbines. Most of them are caused by high temperatures and/or broken cables.

Therefore, we have developed accessories sets in addition to our Flame Scanners, which will reliably avoid many malfunctions.

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Water Cooling System

The usual high temperatures of heavy gas turbines are stressing the built-in components. As an an example, the flame detector is limited by the temperature resistance of the used electronic components.

With the highly efficient water cooling system from ITS the permissible temperature range of the Flame Scanner can be significantly expanded.

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Flame Scanner Technology Upgrade

Modern flame scanners are more sensitive in the detection of flames and less susceptible to influences of impurities. Due to the used technology they could not be read from the proven control system MARK V until now.

Our conversion system gives the possibility without changing the mechanical or electrical presets of the gas turbine or the control system.

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Confidence in Reliability - Flame Scanners from ITS

We operate a continuous improvement process in our management system across our company in the direction of Total Quality Management (TQM) in accordance with the EFQM model, in order to constantly increase customer benefit. Ongoing training and development of our employees and apprentices ensures that they can achieve their own personal potential, identify with their work and the quality goals of the company and can strengthen their awareness of quality.

Excellently Documented

All of our production and tests here at ITS are carefully documented and archived for later reference as well as for later use in developing and upgrading our products. We are always striving for excellence by continuously searching for new ways to better our work.

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Premium Class Quality

In order to achieve the well-known ITS Quality, it was necessary to develop test methods which are unique in the world. Materials from air and space travel technologies as well as continuous testing and controlling are the elements that form the basis for our success.


Additional Information for your Advantage

The 9 most Important Facts when buying a new Flame Scanner for your Gas Turbine

Are you a reseller of gas turbine parts? Or even a gas turbine technician? Have you ever experienced some difficulty when choosing and buying a flame scanner? Here is a smart chart to help you tick all the right boxes when taking that next step for your gas turbine.

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Renowned Technical University recommends ITS Flame Scanner

Flame Scanners from all well known manufacturers have been tested by the University of California, Berkeley USA. The Flame Scanner from ITS has been mentioned as a recommendation!

Ready to Ship within 24 Hours

We promise and provide efficiency with our quality and that is proven with our 24 hour shipment policy.  After we receive payment for any flame scanners ordered, it takes our production team exactly 24hours to have the package ready for shipment!

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Pay online - easy and secure

We are now providing Paypal as a secure method of payment for customers purchasing our Flame Scanners. As soon as we receive confirmation of your PayPal transaction, we will prepare your order for shipping.

This method is internationally proven and effective and will ensure a shorter wait time for new customers.

Representative List of Customers

Thousands of our Flame Scanners are in use by our Partners worldwide for many years now. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and services with excellent support.

Every customer that we have had the pleasure of working with receives an exceptional level of care and enthusiasm – almost certain to guarantee a long reliable relationship. Heard it before? We encourage all clients to carefully review our client list and contact our references. We practice what we preach, and it shows. We have a long list of happy customers and we can't wait to share them with you.

Below is just a sample of the many companies relying on ITS Flame Scanners and Accessory Parts every day. Explore our customers and their successes.

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